The Process

The application process:

  • 1. Family Information Meeting

    All families (parent/guardian and student) interested in applying are required to attend ONE meeting. No formal RSVP required; but please arrive at the meeting 15 minutes prior to start time to register.

  • 2. Written Application

    Parent Questionnaire, Student Questionnaire, and essay.

  • 3. Teacher Recommendations

    Please request recommendations from the student’s current math and English teachers.

  • 4.School Report/Transcript

    Grades and standardized scores.

  • 5. Steppingstone Academy Hartford Exam

    All students with completed application files take the Steppingstone Academy Hartford Exam in February. The exam is used to evaluate each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. The exam serves as only one factor in Admission decisions.

  • 6. Interviews

    After the exam, finalists will be selected for interviews, which include both the student and parent/guardian(s).

Please see the current calendar for specific dates and deadlines.

Final decisions are made based on all of the admission components. We are looking for students who enjoy learning and challenging themselves, families and students who are committed to making The Steppingstone Academy Hartford a priority, and those who otherwise would not have access to the opportunities provided by this program. Final decisions are typically made by the end of May.

The application and all associated materials are kept on file in the Hartford Youth Scholars office. All application materials will remain confidential.