Education Changes Everything

An education starts in school, but it never stops impacting so many other facets of life afterward, from families to careers and communities. This is why the Hartford Youth Scholars (HYS) is committed to ensuring that deserving students from Hartford succeed in high school and college — so they can achieve even more in the neighborhoods they return to in the years that follow.

With an intensive, 10-year support system for both students and families, and an exceptional academic enrichment program, the acclaimed Steppingstone Academy Hartford, HYS prepares highly motivated middle school students for a rigorous high school education; assists them in gaining acceptance and financial assistance at top college preparatory schools; and supports them through the college application process, college experience, and beyond.

Our goal? Help Hartford’s underserved children realize their true, powerful potential so they can then help their communities and their city do the same.

Why?  Because, Education Changes Everything.


The Hartford Youth Scholars’ (HYS) primary objective is to place Scholars who complete the program at four-year colleges with the preparation to be successful in the postsecondary environment, and we continue to support them through college graduation. HYS fulfills a mission of creating lifetime opportunities for underserved Hartford children through education. HYS identifies and recruits highly motivated Hartford middle school students, preparing them for a rigorous high school education. HYS assists them in gaining acceptance and financial assistance at top independent schools in the region with proven records of college placement. In addition to supporting Scholars placed at independent schools, HYS also supports Scholars attending area public, magnet and charter schools. HYS stays engaged with Scholars through high school with college preparation and counseling services, we assist them in the college application process, and we continue to provide Scholars with support through college graduation. As our Scholars return to the city of Hartford upon completion of college, they will support the development of a vibrant and productive community, making it a better place in which to live and work.