We are so very proud of all that you have accomplished and how Hartford Youth Scholars and The Steppingstone Academy Hartford have played a role in your success. Your legacy at Hartford Youth Scholars is an important one; you have helped to shape our program and we hope that you will continue to stay connected.

There are many ways you can benefit as an alumnus of Hartford Youth Scholars and The Steppingstone Academy Hartford, including staying apprised of fellow graduates’ current status in order to catalyze networking opportunities.

We will strive to find ways to make it easy for our alumni to stay connected to each other and to our program. We want to ensure that you are included in invitations to events, reunions, and networking opportunities. We will also look for cohort captains to help each individual cohort stay up-to-date on the many exciting journeys of fellow alumni.

We also welcome the support of our prestigious alumni in helping HYS in its annual recruitment process.  Your experiences and ideas are incredibly valuable to us.  If you are interested in aiding with new Scholar recruitment, please contact Mr. Byers.

We value your connection to Hartford Youth Scholars and Steppingstone Academy Hartford, and we want to continue to share the importance of each of you being an engaged alumnus/a. Please contact Mr. Byers for more information and to update your profile once you graduate college.  And please be sure to visit our Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest news.